Welcome to Wurk Pads where you can find comfortable and durable knee pads for today's working pro. We take pride in our choice of strapless knee pads to meet your needs in construction worker clothes. We understand how important your protective clothing is to your productivity and this is why we offer only the best.

We encourage positive solutions to common problems with workers today. Are you tired of knee pads that:

  • Are bulky and uncomfortable?

  • Slip and sag when you sweat or in bad weather?

  • Are difficult to remove when you need to take them on and off during the day?

  • Take too long to put on?

  • Have buckles and straps that break or wear down?

Comfortable Strapless Knee Pads

Why are our knee pads unique ? We have comfortable strapless knee pads for all construction worker needs. From roofing, to flooring, street construction and more, our knee pads will help protect your knees while giving you comfort that is needed for long hours of wear.

Here are some reasons to choose Wurk Pads:

  • Avoid sagging knee pads- even when working outdoors and in the heat

  • Comfortable knee pads that can be placed on and removed quickly and easily whenever needed

  • No stretching or sagging with wear or weather- Wurkpads do not use straps or any other materials and devices that will cause a knee pad to stretch or sag.

  • No more thick and sweaty knees- our strapless knee pads keep your knees fresh and dry all day

  • Increase your range of motion with our strapless knee pads

  • Our knee pads are very affordable - in fact, they are cheaper than most average knee pads

Browse our site to learn more about our Wurk Pads and how they can benefit you.

Wurk Pads are comfortable

Wurk Pads are durable